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  • “Milestones / Millstones”, “Donna Reed Walks into Victoria’s Secret” & “Do you know Donna Reed?” Five:2:One
  • “I run into Donna Reed in Safeway” cream city review 
  • “First Exposure”, “Dress Up / Reconciliation in Gilmore Girls” & “Marital Troubles in The Donna Reed Show” FreezeRay Poetry
  • “Steel Fist, Velvet Glove” Minola Review
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  • “sexual instinct,” “marriage,” “expression,” & “the Ego” DIAGRAM (issue 16.5)
  • “Sometimes I Feel Like a Total Stranger” Rufous City Review (issue 15)
  • “Freud and Me” & “Underpinnings” American Literary Review (Fall 2016)




Greg Grummer Poetry Award judged by Moninca Youn (2017): “Morphology

So to Speak Poetry Contest judged by Natalie Diaz (2017): “I confess, I don’t know what to call this”

Sue C. Boynton Poetry Contest (2016): “Ars Poetica



“Poetry Is the Cheapest Means of Healing: Micro-Interviews with Six Poets” Mud Season Review